World of Kayaks WK525 Cruiser, Racesäte

19 900 kr
Artikelnummer WK525CRU-WWW-RACE

WK 525 Cruiser is a comfortable recreational kayak.

WK 525 Cruiser is developed for those who want a recreational kayak with good paddling ergonomics and a streamlined hull. The kayak has enough volume to ensure safe day trips and extended tours. When unloaded, you can use it as an exercise kayak with very good stability for sea and ocean-going. A well-balanced track stability combined with good steering response is important for comfortable recreational paddling.

The length of the kayak was determined to achieve the required track stability and the profiled rudder gives the possibility of very good steering response. The material quality and detailed work are of the same top class standard as for our other kayaks.

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