Ursuit Gemino Venture Torrdräkt

av Ursuit
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17 599 kr
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Artikelnummer UR5130-YE-M
The Ursuit® Gemino Venture with light Gore-Tex keeps you dry in all conditions, no matter whether your passion is fishing, boating or paddling. It is a two-piece suit, with separate trousers and jacket, which can be combined into a drysuit with the waterproof waist zipper and Ursuk's patented ZipLock system. Like other Ursuit suits Gemino Venture is designed for a long lifespan. All the details are results of a long R&D. The CE mark stands for the guarantee of the quality and safety. Latex neck and wrist seals assure the water tightness. Reflective hood with the high thermal collar. Jacket is lighter Gore-Tex® (135 g/m² ) which is optimal for extreme mobility. Design allows wide movement of arms which is ideal for e.g. fishing or paddling. The jacket flap can be tightened with adjustable velcro straps. For the canoeists the hem of the jacket is long enough to cover the rim of the spraydeck. Trousers are made of durable Gore-Tex® (185 g/m² ) for additional endurance. The design is ideal for e.g. paddling or fishing where the mobility is needed. Thanks to intergrated Gore-Tex® socks you can choose shoes that fits best for your needs.

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