World of Kayaks WK570 Commander, Racesäte

23 900 kr
17 890 kr
Artikelnummer WK570-WWW-RACE

WK 570 Commander is a sporty expedition kayak.

WK 570 Commander is a sea kayak for those who love long distance paddling and want an exclusive sporty design. Round hull form design principles have been used to produce a predictable and well-balanced sea-going qualities important to the kayak’s area of use.

The focus on designs of the hull is to give the kayak a smooth, track stability action and a high degree of stability action and a high degree of stability in a sea environment. The kayak’s hull form and deck design are optimized to save energy during long-distance paddling, with or without a load. Without cargo there is potential for a high average speed. The deck form, with its finely cut line for better paddling ergonomics, is an important detail borrowed from WK 615 Extreme.

The deck and hull are hard-shell in order to retain optimal hydrodynamics and give you support even in though sea environments. The load volume satisfies even the fussiest paddlers. Materials and detailed work are absolutely top class.

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